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Am having safe sex with prostitute,? shall I quit or continue ?

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asked Feb 11, 2016 in Questions by akshay645 (120 points)
edited Feb 11, 2016 by prashant69
Hello anjali ji , am akshay 22 years old male working in mnc ,  from childhood i have been a horny guy , i dont knw whether its normal or not. Now thing is that lately am having sex with a prostitute . She is cute and clean and her charges are  low . I have visited her 5 to 6 times and had protected sex with condom .however i did have some oral sex just kissing and licking her vagina . Is this safe practice ? Or it is risky? Also once i removed my condom and was in her for 30secs till i cummed.She did say she is clean but the area where she works isnt that good its full of transport vehicles trucks etc . I did have a gf before but broke up due to some reasons. And now that am single am not able to control my sexual desire thats why am visiting her. Will this be safe?

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3 Answers

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Dear akshay
Absolutely no. There is not single prostitute u will found who will say that i am not clean.  But is that mean they are clean and STD free. Dont go for prostitute other than u can find new gf. Also it is wastage of money. And your health too.
Licking her vagina is bad idea it is the main source of std if there is single cut in ur mouth then u may get affected by std.
answered Feb 11, 2016 by rohit.sharma786 (895 points)
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It is no way safe visiting prostitute and top of that you made mistake by removing condom so my first advice go to doctor and get yourself checked. It is very normal to have sexual urge and most of the boys at this adolescent age have high sexual urge but that does not mean that you should regularly have sex with prostitute and that too without condom.

Since you are single, you need to depend on masturbation till you found a partner. However, there is no way to control sexual urge except self-control. Set a goal in your life and start working to achieve it. Focus on your goal. 

answered Feb 12, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (17,975 points)
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You can continue to have sex with some prostitutes but please avoid this kind of silly mistakes. you can get a blowjob with a flavored condom.
protection is better than the cure
Best of luck
answered Feb 12, 2016 by Noni (1,355 points)

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