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How to now fuck my aunt (chachi)?

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asked Dec 17, 2016 in Questions by Anonymous1234 (170 points)
My age is 22 and my chachi's age is 36. My aunt has treated me nicely. Many a times she slept with me on a single bed. Unintentionally, I touched her boobs sometimes.

Last week something strange happened to us. We were both sleeping together. I was feeling very horny that night. She put her legs over me. I also got closer. Slowly, I put my hand over her naked stomach, then moved it towards her boobs very slowly by putting hand inside her night suit.

I touched her bra. I tried but the hook was not opening. I was too aroused that night. I pulled hard and she started moving. She was acting like she wass sleeping. Finally I managed to open her bra hook. and her boobs came out. I sucked lightly and smooched her.

Then I acted like I was asleep and kept holding her breast. She got up and went to the toilet. I acted like I was sleeping and did not try again.

Now, I am scared how to make it happen? I want her to hold my dick or give a blowjob. What should I do? Is she ready? I have a friend's flat. May be I could take her there giving some reason?

1 Answer

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Your mind is very restless.Now you have diverted your attention from a girl friend to Chachi,who is 36 years old.Have you succeeded in sharing your girl friend.You are fumbling to unhook the bra of Chachi.How it will be possible for you,to insert your pole in her hole.It is surprising that you slept with Chachi,who permitted it.Gain full knowledge of female anatomy then proceed slowly.Your time is running out,have a patience do not run like a mad dog.
answered Dec 18, 2016 by Motilal (3,810 points)
selected Jan 6 by Anonymous1234
commented Dec 18, 2016 by Anonymous1234 (170 points)
Yes i succeed...nd i slept in chachi room..most of the time with her..many a times she hold me tightly while sleeping..her boobs are soo big that i felt that night.. I becomes easier to do this when we are in blanket.. Thnks for ur suggestions
commented Jan 7 by Motilal (3,810 points)
Thanks for selecting my answer best.Sharing of one blanket by two opposite sexes is very romantic.

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