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If a man has a habit of masturbation, then can we still call him a virgin?

asked Dec 27, 2016 in Questions by vish4084 (495 points)
edited Dec 28, 2016 by longhands1

Every body knows that a girl's virginity can be checked out easily. What in case of boys? If a man has no physical relation with a girl and he only masturbates, then can we call him a virgin?

My second question is:

Is it possible for a girl to lose her virginity when she masturbates? Has any one heard about such cases?

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1 Answer

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In case of boys none loses virginity by doing masturbation,but when he penetrates female vagina,he loses virginity.In females when her hymen is ruptured by masturbation or sexual intercourse can't be called virgin.She is virgin till her hymen is intact.
answered Dec 28, 2016 by Motilal (4,320 points)
selected Jan 6 by vish4084
commented Jan 7 by Motilal (4,320 points)
Thanks for selecting my answer.

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