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In relation with marrid women but fear to have sex by thinking about STD.

asked Jan 4 in Questions by Skymoon (120 points)

I'm Manu aged 28 from Pune. I'm in relation with a married woman having 2 kids for the past 2 years. Her husband got to know about our relationship. He was angry at first, now he is ok with it since she is taking very good care of family and husband. We both know we can't marry each other and one day i will marry onother girl.

Now my problem is we both were thinking to have sex for the past 2years. But I fear that since she is married,  she may have any STD. Because of my fear we did not have sex for the 2year.

She told she is good women and not had sex with any one other than hubby and told hubby is good person of good personality so he will not have STD. I asked her to do test before we do sex, but she told because we want to do sex she cant question or doubt her husband's dignity. By hearing about  personality of her hubby i feel he is very good man.

But from teenage itself  by reading article about AIDS, I have a fear. Normaly im a person who fear disease. She waited for me 2year without sex with me but having strong feeling to have sex with me. She helps me mentally for many things in my life when ever i faced problems.

Please suggest me how to overcome my fear of STD  and what should i do .

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4 Answers

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You know her from the last two years and if you find her healthy then there is nothing to worry. Moreover, you can use a condom to avoid such STDs. If you use a condom then there is no chance of you getting infected. It appears to be that you have so many misconceptions towards the STD and you have read so many articles without understanding it properly. Two years are a good amount of time to know about the health of other person. Stop thinking too much if you want to have sex with her otherwise, stop meeting her and let her find another man who fucks her daily. 

answered Jan 4 by alpesh kapdi (21,860 points)
commented Jan 5 by Skymoon (120 points)
she mostly get health pblm like weightlos, heache.tierdnes.throught pain, had anemia also in tis 2yr
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Dear friend...

use condom and go ahead , why are you waisting her time. she have already wasted 2 years with its high time go ahead .

use the condoms while having sex .

all the best
answered Jan 4 by kapilh (1,015 points)
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OMG, learn about sexual diseases in detail. Half knowledge is dangerous.
Njoy u r life.
answered Jan 4 by SamRin (715 points)
commented Jan 5 by Skymoon (120 points)
wish to enjoy ,but im in doubt if fuckd wil i get any disease. I wish to know the taste of fuck without condam.
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Dear Sky,

The depth in the relationship that makes a bonding in between partners for sex. Its good that you want to confirm about the transmission medium and other details of the STD because you have a precautionary clause with you. You should tell us what type of relationship you are maintaining for last 2 years. This explanation will lead to further look into the other angles.

You have to convince her about the importance of the lab test to confirm about the STD. If she is not agreeing then you have to convince her. The alternative way is to use the condom regularly because she may be good by look who knows about her physical relationship or his husband’s. Her husband allows her to have affairs with you means she approved your relationship that indicates negatively.

Unsafe sex is always attracts chances of infection so be careful about the next course of action.

answered Jan 9 by bubu_002 (2,735 points)
commented Jan 12 by Skymoon (120 points)
Yes unsafe sex attracts chances, but it's not all the women even the married will have infection. The relation with me and she for the past 2 year is we used to meet once in weekend in some public place and talk each other.

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