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What anal sex position will allow me to see wife's face during sex?

asked Jan 12 in Questions by Lifeofmadhan (305 points)
edited Jan 13 by longhands1

Hi! everyone,

I want to have anal sex with my wife. How to see her face during anal sex?  Which position will allow me to see her face.

Will there be any bleeding in her anus?

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5 Answers

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Best answer

If you want to see her face then ask her to ride on you so you can see her face during anal sex. However, if you set a mirror before your bed then you can see her face in the mirror when you have anal sex in doggy style. There is a mirror in my bedroom so I can suggest you that it really works and it will give you a different feeling altogether.

You both can see the whole act in the mirror and let me tell you that it is really exciting thing to see ourselves in the mirror during sex. There are chances that she bleeds in her anus if you do it roughly without enough lubrication so use a lot of lube to make the anal sex smooth as much as possible. Actually, there is no enough lube in the anal sex so keep pouring the lube during the anal sex to make it pleasurable with minimum pain. 

answered Jan 13 by alpesh kapdi (21,860 points)
selected Jan 13 by Lifeofmadhan
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I have never done anal sex with wife or other women.I think if anal sex is done in common postures,then it is difficult to see her face.Face will be visible,if same act is done in front of a mirror.There is practically no chance of bleeding in anal sex.Entire penis and walls of anus should be sufficiently lubricated before inserting penis.
answered Jan 12 by Motilal (6,020 points)
commented Jan 12 by Azure (100 points)
place a mirror In-front her face
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try women on top. i have vaginal sex with my wife in women on top position and i can see her face and expressions.. unfortunately my wife not interested in anal sex so never tried this position for anal but i think this is the best for what u r looking for.
 ask ur wife to sit on your dick.. in this position it will be smooth to go in he ass hole.

Enjoy.. n have fun,..

answered Jan 12 by pune32 (275 points)
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I think mirror would be only option to see the women while having anal sex. Or one should be owning extremely flexible body.
answered Jan 12 by SamRin (715 points)
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Yes, you can do it very easily. You can below positions:
1- Do it in missionary position. Now you can push your dick in her anus instead of  her pussy. In this position you can see your wife's face and her screaming.
2- you can also do it in cow girl position (woman on top). Ask her to face towards you when she climbs on your dick. This is better position as control will be in her hand. In case of unbearable pain shree can remove your tool from het anus easily.

Since you are doing it first time so prepare your wife for this act. Please describe each and every thing to her I.e. pain, chances of damage in rectum, bleeding may occur etc. Once she will be mentally ready you can go for otherwise it will be very messy and she will not try this in her entire life.
Once she is ready, ask her to relax and calm. Give support to her that you are there and no harm will be there. Use a lot of water based lube on your dick as well as in her pussy. Apply this by removing your foreskin and also apply in her anus canal using your fingers. Now do finger fucking of her anus for sometime. This will relax the mussles in that area. Now you both are ready for the act for penetration of your dick in her anus. Go very very slow and step by step. You can also release your load in her anus as no fear of pregnancy.
Plz write back your experience.
answered Jan 13 by SKS (190 points)

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