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My Aunt wants to know the details of my affair. Does she want sex?

asked Jan 26 in Questions by awazone (150 points)
edited Jan 28 by longhands1

Hello Anjali,

I am 29 years old and unmarried. I had an affair with a girl 24 years old about 2 years ago. Now, she is married. My aunt who is 45 years old came to know about this affair and showed interest. 

I told her to kindly arrange our meeting at a safe place. She started to get us together in her room during day time when no one is at home, and all family members are busy with their work. Me and my girlfriend used to talk to each other, kiss,, hug each other and everything but without intercourse. I aunt was interested in what we do inside the room and said she heard the sound of bed.

I told her what we did and she smiled and said, I feel shy as you are age of my son. With the passage of time, I got more frank with my aunt and often we spoke about sex related topics. She participates and smiles and at the end she says I feel shy as you are the age of my son.

About 2 weeks ago, I told her that I have some porn movies in my cell. She showed interest and ask me to show her. I played one and gave my cell to her as she said I feel shy to see in front of you. I said ok, I am going,  you can see after 4 to 5 minutes. Then she called me and said,  " I dont want to watch, as it will make a bad impact on my mind". I am quite she she will watch again as she had watched for 4-5 minutes.

My uncle is 50 year old. She is still so hot and seems to be sex addicted. I want to make sex relations with her. Kindly help me and tell me how to proceed.  Will she agree for it or not.

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commented Jan 27 by longhands1 (72,815 points)


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2 Answers

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Best answer
You had an affair with a girl.Now she got married.A void has been created in your life.This gap is filled by elderly aunt.She is the queen of your fantasy.Never run after her.Choose a homely girl and get married.Abstain from dishing out concocted stories.
answered Jan 26 by Motilal (6,180 points)
selected May 10 by awazone
commented Jan 27 by awazone (150 points)
edited Jan 28 by longhands1
Thanks for ur reply. I want to tell you after that I have made some affairs and she knows about all these, and often discusses with me. She likes my lips and two times she kissed me on my lips, and often when I am entering or leaving from the door she rubs her boobs hard on my body.

One day, when I was exercising by running, she asked me does your dick touch your legs during running. She is surely sex addicted.

Now, I want to know: Will she agree to have sex with me? How to proceed and get her, as I have no experience about aged women.

Please help.
commented May 11 by Motilal (6,180 points)
Thanks for selecting my answer best.But you should have waited more....Praise her,kiss and embrace,suck and fondle her will succeed.
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It all depends,... are you ugly ? cuz only ugly guys fantasize about sex with their own relatives, because it is difficult for them to score with women  otherwise

If you are not ugly, the healthy thing would be to ignore your aunt, and try to hook up some girl outside of your family
answered Jan 26 by blind_man (160 points)
commented Jan 27 by awazone (150 points)
thanx for ur reply, surly it all depends, i m not quite sure that i m too ugly boy, but some signs and indications make u to think like that.

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