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Is it okay to marry a much older woman and pregnancy post 50?

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asked Feb 7 in Questions by $Rahul$ (180 points)
recategorized Feb 8 by longhands1
I have have sleeping with the receptionist in the place I work since last 3-4 months. I am 29 and she is 55/56. We are in a full fledged sexual relationship. We have sex almost everyday after office at her place. We quite often go out for movies,dates etc. Although 99.99% people will be mistaking us for mom son (I'm a nerdy guy and completely clean shaven with specs,she is a classic Indian aunty wearing sarees, Salwar Kameez with those big red bindis). Nobody in their wildest dreams will also think that we are fucking each other ;). We even had a nice threesome with another 50+ aunty from neighborhood.

Recently while having sex I told her to marry me, she got shocked and laughed. She said I was out of my mind but I am not. I told her when we are already behaving like husband and wife, why not become one. After lots of discussions,fights etc she partially agreed to become my wife. Although still not fully. I have to convince her even more.

I have been reading a lot about pregnancy post 50. Is it possible for me and her to have a biological child (her egg and my sperm) of our own due to current medical advancements?

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7 Answers

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Women have a biological clock to have kids and if she crosses it the even with the help of the medical science you cannot have kids with her but there are chances that she can get conceived if she is fertile and to confirm whether she could become mother or not, she needs to get some tests done on her. If your only motive to have kids after marriage then she is not the woman for you as there are less chances the she can give you a baby.

Are you in love with her? Do you think your parents would accept her as your wife? Your mother might be of her age so they will never agree for this match. If I were in your place then I would continue the sexual relationship but the marriage is not on the card as that is not feasible for many reasons.

However, the ultimate decision is yours whether to marry her or not but it would be really awkward for you to marry her as that is for sure. After getting married your life may change and down the years you may resent your decision of marrying her so I would say think rethink on your decision keeping your emotion aside. The best thing you can do is, keep enjoying sex life with her as she needs sex partner rather than a husband at this age.

answered Feb 8 by alpesh kapdi (17,975 points)
selected Mar 13 by $Rahul$
commented Feb 8 by $Rahul$ (180 points)
Hi Alpesh, your advice is very correct. However,in my whole life till now, I have been surrounded by older ppl with a generation gap. The only females I saw in my family were grown up mature aunties. Once when I was very young, I witnessed a sexual scene involving a aunty and some other uncle in my village. Ever since that episode right from my childhood,teens to early adulthood I had this unusual desire for aunties only. I don't feel that same attraction for girls my age. When I had sex with receptionist aunty in my office, it was like my desire come true, no words can describe that first feeling of touching feeling and finally fucking a aunty.
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When you write a query please mention the details. Is she married, divorced or a widow? Though you said she applies big red bindi which means her hubby is still there. Does she have kids? If yes then they would be your age and no 28-30 year old will be comfortable calling you PAPA. Also at present you're attracted to her but what about 5-6 years later when she's old enough to be a granny? Would your attraction towards her fade away? Wouldn't you then crave for someone of your age? Are your parents in the know-how of these developments?
answered Feb 8 by gr8gaur (805 points)
commented Feb 8 by $Rahul$ (180 points)
Hi gr8gaur, my partner is married but divorced since more than 2 decades I guess. She has no kids. My parents are way older than normal parents. I never had a proper guidance from my parents, one of the reasons for my liking for my partner is she is also a mother like figure to me and really has guided me in rough times. Something which my parents couldn't. The reason for our sexual relations was both of us were single and wanted to satisfy each other. She particularly was really in dire need of sex and found me suitable to be her lover.
commented Feb 8 by gr8gaur (805 points)
If you get married to her than in a decade time she'd be 66-67 and at that time would you be still attracted to her? I don't know much about older women but I guess after a certain age they're not capable of having sex. Also even at this age it would be next to impossible for her to conceive. Can you imagine to spend your life with her without a baby or do you plan to adopt one? If yes then go ahead.
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Love is blind.There is no limit of telling lie and to fantasise any body in bed.You are sleeping with lady,she is 55/56 must be of your mother's age.She might have reached stage of Menopause and vaginal dryness.Are you doing sex in the reception room or in the open air also?Enjoying her at her place...who lives there.Where is your own home and where your other members of the family live....you and your lover,looks like
 Son and mother.....clearly indicates that you posses lustful feelings for your mother.Such people are unfit for civilized society.
answered Feb 8 by Motilal (4,075 points)
commented Feb 8 by $Rahul$ (180 points)
No, I don't have any lustful feelings towards my mother. Kindly refrain from writing this kind of nonsense.

I have only had one sex partner till date. I was a virgin till October 2016 and have focussed mostly on my career and studies instead of lusting after women and girls in my late 10s and early 20s.

We are not animals that we do it anywhere, anytime, it's always at her place as she lives alone.
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If you marry her, it will not be a success as her libido will last maximum for 10 years. You can have Sex for few years more.
answered Feb 8 by kunjumon57 (360 points)
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No,its not ok to marry a older women having so much of age difference between both of you.But as both of you are doing great fun on bed so you can continue the acts as long as you enjoy.She is on decline path of age and you wont get any sexual pleasure from her after few year however your sexual need remain much longer than her.Such a sexual mismatch put both of you in utter frustration later.So you should avoid any plan of marrying her.
answered Feb 9 by whyiloveher2 (405 points)
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Hey, are you expecting to be spoon fed ?  These are questions you need to answer yourself. I

 As for your queries regarding child, go consult a doctor.
answered Feb 10 by blind_man (160 points)
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Hi Rahul,

This are quite normal at your age. Even I had gone thorough such situation. You can have a name sake marriage with her and keep her as your first wife. You can behave like couples only. Regarding kids, that you have to double check. Because, after 10 years, you w'nt know, how it will be. After some years, with your her consent, you can marry a girl and have kids in her. Only you and receptionist should know, that is your second wife. That is my suggestion. Wish you all the best.


answered Feb 13 by Ajayeaso (255 points)

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