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What are your thoughts about transsexuals?

asked Mar 23 in Questions by mohiuddin (290 points)
edited Mar 23 by longhands1

Some days ago, I was talking to a friend and his wife. His wife is also my friend. We were in college together. They got married two years ago and for a year, they are living in the USA. They came here on a holiday.

Meeting old friends is fun. And so we talked about many things. After some time they shared something with me. They said that they were having sex with a shemale. Another friend wanted to have threesome but my friend's wife didn't agree. She was afraid that if they have MFM, she may get attracted to the other guy, or if MFF, her husband may become attracted to the girl.

Then suddenly they became friends with a shemale. The got along with the person by some business concern. They became friends, and thought that this can be a good option to have threesome.

So they came closer and one day they revealed what they wanted, and the person agreed. Now they are having regular sex with her. The shemale wants to be called her; not him. She fucks my friend's wife and gets fucked by the husband in his ass. Both of them suck her boobs and all three are happy with this arrangement.

Now friends, I want to ask you what you think about shemales or transsexuals? Would you like to make relationshipswith them and have sex with them? Is it safe to keep sexual relation with them?

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2 Answers

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Most of the men and women want to make a relationship with a shemale as that would provide them different taste and the whole new experience one. If you ever visit the brothel then you would come to know that shemale’s cost is really high and the demand to get shemale to have sex is really sky-scraping. I would say your friend and his wife is really lucky that they can have sex with a shemale. There is no risk heath wise to have sex with the shemale provided all the involve people must be healthy. 

answered Mar 27 by alpesh kapdi (18,515 points)
selected Apr 4 by mohiuddin
commented Mar 28 by mohiuddin (290 points)
Didn't know about that the cost of shemale is way higher than a woman. Anyway, what are your thoughts about having sex or threesome with a shemale? Will you do it or not?
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I personally am not a fan of sharing a wife with a stranger over threesome for the reason of safety of the wife and you.The risk in such a activity is equal to having sex with a prostitute.
Anyway in terms of shemales I have heard they blow great and suck really deep.I am surprised the girl agreed for a shemale cuz anyway it's the same dick right irrespective of the fact whether it's the guys or the shemales.This is more or less a psychological barrier that one has which gives them the content that there is something stopping them from taking it to the next level.
If you want to try a threesome why don't you hire two prostitutes which is a better option according to me because there is no risk of the wife emotional attachment to the guy so on and so forth.if you want to do it with a shemale hire one she male and one prostitute simple.
answered Mar 24 by pritesh007 (655 points)
commented Mar 28 by mohiuddin (290 points)
dick was not the girl's problem. She was afraid of being emotional attachment with a man or woman. So may be they have chosen a shemale, neither man nor woman

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