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Do Condoms reduce the sexual pleasure of women?

asked Apr 20 in Questions by AnilDev (120 points)
I am 22 years old, working in a private company for the last four years. I have sexual relations with three lady workers in the Company.

Their ages are 28, 30 and 35 years and all three are married. The lady who is 30 years says she is not interested in using condom. She told me that condoms reduce her sexual pleasure.

I saw many anal sex porn videos. But these three ladies are opposing anal sex.

I have some doubts:

Does condom reduce a woman's sexual pleasure?

How to have safe sex without condoms?

Why are women not interested in anal sex?

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3 Answers

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Yes, condoms decrease sexual pleasure, but it is safe for both. Are you using them daily or once in a month....choose safest day, immediately after ceasing menstruation or a day before commencement of menstruation.

Safe sex can be done on above mentioned days. Anal sex is dirty and more painful,that is why some women don't like it.

answered Apr 20 by Motilal (4,345 points)
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1. Some woman may feel so may be because they want to feel the skin, though personally I don't think it makes any difference. Yes for man what I have heard is condom reduces sexual pleasure but for woman it's not as such.
Start using dotted condoms this may help her to get more sexual pleasure.

2. Condom should be must if you are having sex with multiple partners or anyone outside unless and until you don't have a trusted and permanent partner.
You go for medical checkup for any STD and then go for it without protection.
But again I don't suggest it without protection.

3. Anal sex is painful for most of the women as our anal muscles are very much tensed and if you stretch it, it feels pain a lot in starting, also when one start to enjoy it then it is the most sensitive and sensuous part of the body and can give her a strong sexual feeling while teasing that part.

But yes initially it pains a lot.

answered Apr 21 by sharmanatasha87 (365 points)
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Yes, condoms reduce pleasure as condom becomes the barrier and does not allow the skin to skin sensation but one should not forget that no pleasure is bigger than the health. You have multiple sexual partners so if you do not want to get any life killing diseases like HIV and AIDS then you should keep using condom.

There is no way to have safe sex except with condom so do not look for sex without condom especially in your case.

If those three women with you have sexual relationship are denying for the anal sex then it does not mean that all the women do not like anal sex as there are plenty of women who are into anal sex but there are also women who do not want anal sex so if they do not want then you have no right to force them.

I would say you should not force them for anything as they are giving you their vaginas for free so use them as long as you can. 

answered 5 days ago by alpesh kapdi (18,545 points)

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