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How to Enlarge my Breasts?

asked May 15 in Questions by priyajoshi7387 (120 points)
edited May 17 by longhands1

I am getting married in 2 months. I want to increase my breast size by at least 4 inches.

Currently, it is 32 B. I am not going to do surgery. Are there any tablets or home remedies to increase ny breast size faster?

Give me your suggestions quickly.

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5 Answers

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Basically Breast size are decided on genes during puberty. After puberty there is hardly any chance of changing the breast size. It can happen during pregnancy due to hormonal chances but there isnt major difference. putting on some weight may help to make them look bigger. Women with small breast can also attract potential makes so it is not necessary to have a big breast moreover you already have a size of 32B which I think Is good. He confident and be happy.
answered May 16 by Dark Horse (750 points)
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No, there is no medicine which helps you to achieve your breasts size. You can do massage daily with oil but I do not think that it will leave the impact as you want on your breasts. Why do you want to increase the breasts size? If you want to increase to satisfy your partner in the bed then there is no need to do it as boobs are to be sucked and not to be played where he needs big size to grab the breast.

He can suck your boobs easily with whatever the size you have and keep in mind that the smaller boobs are better to be sucked than larger ones as no one is going to take the whole boob inside their mouth. You are worried for nothing so be happy and confident with whatever the size and shape you have.  

Your future husband is going to focus on your breasts and not its size as there are many things in sex apart from the size of the breasts. It is something that you cannot do anything about it as it is a natural thing so you have to understand it and if your partner is a mature man then he will understand this too so just relaxed. 

answered May 16 by alpesh kapdi (21,580 points)
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Breast size is hereditary.It can be enhanced by gentle fondling,cupping,sucking and breast massage.Tablets has no role to play here.Plastic Surgeon may be consulted.
answered May 16 by Motilal (5,725 points)
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Don't worry it will grow with foreplay by u t husband after marriage
answered May 17 by Kumar198423 (115 points)
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Start running and play more with your boobs ... you'll lose some weight but not from your boobs so it'll creat a Illusion that your boobs are bigger ... Stay blessed
answered May 18 by rockstar536 (485 points)
commented May 18 by priyajoshi7387 (120 points)
Thanks you all
I visited local do he says I should play with them and go braless so gravity may help them to increase.
But I m confused what's that play refer to?
commented May 21 by rockstar536 (485 points)
Before you sleep and after you take a bath, do the pressing it will increase blood circulation in your tissues...
jumping bra less will help u as it includes gravity as well.. basically u have to press them and make them hanging as much as possible
commented May 29 by priyajoshi7387 (120 points)
thank you so much
hope it work

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