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I am a girl. I want to learn more about masturbation to get more pleasure.

asked May 17 in Questions by deered (140 points)


(I am sorry that I am repeating my question. I forgot to mention that I am a female in my earlier question and so got answers from Members who thought I was male). 

I am a 21 year old girl. I am a student. Please help me with tips on how to masturbate to get more pleassure. I want to know what houseold items are safe to use for masturbation, which will give me more plassure? 

Which is the best Site for sex toys in India, which are cheaper than foreign countries?

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2 Answers

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Sex toys are illegal in India to sell so you wound not find the best site but still people are buying those items online so you can use any site which you feel is genuine to make you available your desire toys. There are many techniques to masturbate which you can learn from the Google but before adopting any method of the masturbation make sure that you are ready for it and your body wants it.

I would not recommend you to use any household things as those items are risky and you might end up hurting yourself badly but if you wish then you can use sex toys but keep those things secretly with you and make sure that no would come to know about it otherwise it would be an embarrassing moment for you to face. My partner uses her finger to please herself when I am not available so you can use your finger to stimulate yourself. 

answered 6 days ago by alpesh kapdi (18,970 points)
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I answered your previous question thinking you as boy.Therefore,answer becomes irrelevant under present situation.There is no necessity of using sex toys.Self fingering of vagina and clitoral rubbing  is safest.Besides this Banana,Cucumber,Brinjal and Candle may be used.
answered 6 days ago by Motilal (4,685 points)

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