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Am I over-reacting about this problem?

asked 6 days ago in Questions by Coolcracker420 (210 points)
recategorized 5 days ago by longhands1
Friends,I am very happy for your advice for my two earlier questions.

1) How can I get my aunt back?     and

2) My aunt insults me and I want to forget her.

I am really happy now. No longer thinking about my aunt. We are very  normal to each other. I completely understand the consequences and now avoiding her as much as possible.

But last month, one day when she was chatting with me, I sent her a message " Angels come in blue saree. Good morning". But she did not come in blue saree. I know that she hates me and I want to be happy and undisturbed.

But to my surprise she came in green saree. We behaved normally. I said " Tomorrow someone will go away". She said "Stupid. Nothing like that". She talked a lot about gymming and removing all my stress. I said "Body is for necessary for setting up girls(in a laughing tone)"

You people know that she blocked me on WhatsApp. Now, I can't believe that she told me I can text her on WhatsApp. We chatted normally on WhatsApp. One day due to urgent work, I texted her that my net is not working and I want her to see my mail. But there was no reply.

Next day, she also texted me and called me for her work, but I did not respond. When I said I am bored, she said "chat with that black girlfriend of yours and she insults me her in front of my siblings. I heard her telling my siblings that she was uninstalling WhatsApp (but she did not do it). She has her profile picture in my favourite saree.

She laughs and teases me when my father scolds me.

Thanks friends for taking time to respond and sorry if I seemed to like my past (but I really don't want to be).

I am still confused. Am I over-reacting?

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3 Answers

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Best answer

To be blunt, yes you're over-reacting. Look at what you've written here, 'I know that she hates me' , she blocked me on watsapp'. Now why on earth would you like to be around with a person who hates you ? Fine, you love her but are you ready to tolerate her so called insults and theatrics ? Any individual with tiny bit of SELF RESPECT knows when to call it a day. The question is, do you have self respect or are you a prisoner of your fantasies?

Earlier I thought that you were just being one way traffic but I agree with @ALPESH KAPADI on this that your Masi too is stringing you along. I mean if she dislikes you then why does she still engage you? But then she seems to be one of those who secretly enjoys this kind of attention that she gets from you.

The bottomline is 'Are you willing to be a puppy who runs after the owner cause it depends on the latter? Or you're a man with self respect to take a decision ? If I was in your place I'd be like 'She hates me ignores me.... to hell with her. I deserve better, she doesn't exist for me'. At best Hi or bye that too if she initiates else let her be, you're far more important.

BTW you were going to US, right? I hope its not cancelled cause of Trump. If you go to US, your mausi will become history for you, there are millions of bombshells there waiting for you.

answered 5 days ago by gr8gaur (1,110 points)
selected 5 days ago by Coolcracker420
commented 5 days ago by Coolcracker420 (210 points)
        Thanks for your advice.my trip might be become due to one dick head(trump).
commented 5 days ago by Coolcracker420 (210 points)
edited 4 days ago by Coolcracker420
I have something to share with you. Even today, I found something from her. First I want to tell you some incidents from last 3 years:

1) I asked her to teach me masturbation, she said she don't know. But we used to talk about those things a lot. I even masturbated, when she was listening on the phone.

2) I have sent my  nude pics but she did not say anything.

3) She used to text a lot in the beginning. I told her I like your ass, upper lips and hip. She said "cool Raj"  or "stop it Raj".

4) I even masturbated in her inner wears. She knows about that.

5) I also touched her lips 2 or 3 times and her nipples only one time (by some reason), have kept my hands on her thighs 2 times. She has showed her knee privately at her home only once.

6) I also asked her permission to masturbate in front of her, but she said No.

7) Last time on my birthday, she came in my favourite coloured saree. I kept my hands near her thighs and rubbed it but there was no response.

8) She used to drink in my glass (where no else is allowed to use it, except me).

9)  She will always tease me, when someone scolds me.


We went to the Temple by car. My Father told her to sit with me and my sibling, She sat between us. I touched and she moved a little, then I too moved a little. Same thing happened when we returned from the Temple.

You people said to stay. I swear I do. I am happy now because of your advice. I too am planning for my future. I want to ask what's all this rubbish. If she is not why she played with me and still playing with me. What does she want?

Actually, I directly want to approach her or by text to know what's on her mind.
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She wants your attention on her and nothing else so stop wasting your time and energy after her as she is not going to give you what you want from her. It would be better if you invest your time and energy into someone else who wants to reciprocate your moves. Stop texting her, stop taking interest in her life, stop giving her inputs and stop asking her to dress the way you want. Shift your focus on something else and keep yourself busy in your work as she is not good for you. 

answered 5 days ago by alpesh kapdi (18,970 points)
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Dump the relationship.You are simply wasting time and energy.Treat it as a closed chapter.It appears that she is not mentally sound and behaving in a mysterious manner.Her behaviour is whimsical.Abstain from inviting unwarranted problems.
answered 5 days ago by Motilal (4,685 points)

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