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I have fantasies of wanting to see my Wife exposed. Am I normal?

asked Jul 7 in Questions by shapatel (120 points)
edited Jul 17 by longhands1

I am 32 years old and my wife is 29 years old. We both are working and have 2 kids. Our sex Life is also good. My wife is working in a  foreign export company.  

I have some hidden fantasies in my mind. I want to see some one flirt with my wife in public places and her office, especially  her office colleagues!  She is working in an International Company, so she wears short office skirt with tight tops. Other girls in the Office also wear these type of clothes. I fantasize thinking about my wife exposing her legs and her boobs and her cleavage and other men are enjoying watching and caressing herr.

Some times, I buy her revealing dresses or low cut blouses for public functions, and she also does not mind it. Actually, she loves it. 

I am so confused about my strange feelings. I feat what she will think if she comes to know about my hidden feelings.

Sometimes, I feel very bad about my thoughts and behavior. Please help me!! Can someone explain if this is normal or do I have to get treatment about these feelings?

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4 Answers

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Hi bro..its a very normal thing..this is called cuckold..every man has different desire to get aroused.In your case you get aroused just by thinking about your wife getting fucked in front of you.

Its completely normal.this is your natural desire for getting aroused..In many case man get aroused by thinking about their sister, mom,aunt..atc..this is called incest sex..its also normal.the thing is how you want to lead your life..some people think that what society had taught them from childhood thats correct..like dont stare at other women..dont think ill of your sister,mom,aunt.

In your case wife..but some people want to live their life by their own beliefs..they wrote new rules for themselves..so if you really want to enjoy your sexual life you can talk your fanticies with your wife..may be she agree or disagree..but you wil have a clearcut answer..but if you dont you will never know that what would have happen if you just told your wife.

so in either case you are right and you just need to know what actually you want really..

answered Jul 7 by IGNACIO (265 points)
commented Jul 8 by shapatel (120 points)
thank you understand my feelings and my situation, :) .
i read your comment, but i have a no idea about like that, i mean she having sex with others front of me, but i love someone  flirt  with her body(not nude... :). while me and my wife attending office functions or some other functions i knew &  i saw other guys and her office colleagues flirting her. when i see that i felt very hot. and something happening inside me. i hope you can understand me.  ;)
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Dear Shapatel

I simply quote some couplets.:

If one wishes not to be ridiculed, let him protect
his heart from ill thoughts of near and dear.
answered Jul 7 by solliadi (425 points)
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Ya it is normal thing which comes in most of the men's mind...
They love to see Thier lover ones to see them getting fuck by others
answered Jul 8 by Jonika (240 points)
commented Jul 8 by shapatel (120 points)
oh thankyou :) anyway i have no idea about like that, i mean see  getting sex with others but i love her office colleagues or my office Friends looking her hot parts with hot dresses. so i confused my self is it right or wrong. thank you for your comments
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Invite your friends,in a party and openly express your desire,to see boobs of your wife fondled by others.I hope everybody will accept it.Give them a chance to fondle her breasts.Remember that matter may not stop here.Further,reaction may lead to sex orgy.Will you be able to tolerate this?
answered Jul 8 by Motilal (5,240 points)
commented Jul 8 by shapatel (120 points)
thank you understand my feelings and my situation, :) . ah ahhaa but i love some one especially her office colleagues looking at her ;). but not full nude man ;) just like her lags, hot boobs and revealing dresses or low cut blouses. thank you for your comment.!

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