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How to get caught accidently naked at home by sister?

asked Jul 8 in Questions by kartiksilawat (125 points)
I want to get naked in front of my sister but don't want to feel that i did it intentionally. Help me out with some basic tips on getting caught naked.

Our parents leave us alone several times at home, so we get plenty of time alone. Do suggest some tricks to be naked in front of her and let it look like an accident.

I'm so much attracted to her and want to make love to her.
commented Jul 9 by Motilal (6,015 points)
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5 Answers

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I guess u want to fuck ur sister
It's very simple I have one idea...
while bath u act as u got slip n got hurt n call ur sister for help n by this ur sister ll see u naked without much worry...
answered Jul 8 by Jonika (265 points)
selected Jul 9 by kartiksilawat
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Stop being a tharki, if you're good enough she will be attracted to you. The most you can do is remain shirtless in your house on the pretext of feeling the heat.
answered Jul 8 by gr8gaur (1,675 points)
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after finishing your bath, wrap only towel and come out stay in that towel only. drop it "accidentally" in front of ur sister. she must see your full frontal.
personally me and my younger brother comfortable for changing dress in front of each other.  .
answered Jul 9 by sheetal69 (375 points)
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What is age of your sister,she is younger or older than you.When parents are out of station,leaving you two alone.Tell her to bring a glass of water or a cup of tea in your bedroom or study room.Before she comes to your room become completely naked.She will feel thrilling sensation.You may utilise this opportunity,as you like.Tell her that you want to love her.She may respond.
answered Jul 9 by Motilal (6,015 points)
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1. Just go to the bathroom and remove your dress. Then ask her for towel and don't close the door. When she will give you towel then open the door.

2. Just remove your dress in bathroom and take bath. Then come out naked in front of her. Then tell her, " can't you listen while I asked you for towel?" You can stay naked as long as you can.

3. Just walk around her  in a towel. You should wear a towel in such a way that your towel will fall down. Then run into bathroom. Then ask her for towel.
answered Sep 14 by mahesh344 (125 points)

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