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AA Daily Photo Feature

asked Jul 13 in Articles by longhands1 (71,355 points)

Our daily Photo Feature to brighten your Day. Keep enjoying and do give us your feedback through Comments. All these Photos are on the Net and if you have any Privacy Issues, send me a PM.


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1 Answer

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nice work longhands,

finally less blurred images. thanks a lot.

love all the pictures. particularly the last one.

it would be even better if , there is no blurring at all and complete frontal nudity is shown.

answered Jul 14 by kvivek17 (205 points)
commented Jul 14 by longhands1 (71,355 points)


Thank You for your comments. We have a difficult choice to make. Show Nudity and face the risk of being Banned or stay within limits and show erotic pictures. What would you have chosen.

We believe that what lies hidden, is more sensuous and erotic than blatant Nudity. 

We want to build a Niche that is unique and not another Pornhub.

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