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My elder Sister is 50 years old. How do I ask her for sex?

asked Jul 16 in Questions by Menir12 (120 points)
edited 6 days ago by longhands1


I am 48, married with one kid. My elder sister is 50 years and married since last 9 years. She has no kids. I have been wanting to have sex with my sister ever since I was 25 years oId, but could not approach her. When we both were unmarried and stayed together, I used to try to touch her when she was sleeping and also touched her waist some times when she used to work in kitchen. But she never responded to me positively.

She got married when she was 40, but did not have any kid for 2 years. One day I approached her and asked her why they did not have kid? Was she doing family planning? Catching this thread, I tried to talk about sex with her. I asked her questions like how many times in week she had sex with her hubby? I told her that if she wanted to know more about having sex then there are sex information books available. That time she told me to give her one book on information about sex.

Using this conversation, I bought a book indicating sex positions and information on sex for her. This way I started talking about sex to her. One day I told her that if she wished, I could show videos about sex position to her so that she can have good sex with her husband. She agreed to watch sex videos with me. On my laptop, I showed her videos about sex positions like man on top, woman on top, oral sex, doggie style etc. Also during this time I asked her if her hubby sucked her boobs and how she felt? She replied that she felt good and liked when her husband sucked her boobs. I also asked if she felt good and likes her husband penetrating her? She replied that she liked when he penetrates her.

One day I asked her to show me her boobs size by just dropping pallu of her saree and she showed me. I told her that she had good sized boobs for her hubby. To arouse her husband I also asked her to purchase red colored lace lingerie. After two days she bought those and showed me. I took her panty and bra in my hand and said this will help them for good sex.

 Last year again I contacted her and began my visits to her home where she lives alone with her husband. One day I asked her to go with me for a movie but she refused. Also last month I told her that I can buy her good lingerie and night gown but she refused to take them from me.

Now a days many times, I visit her home when she is alone at home and husband is in office but do not understand how to approach her for sex. I desperately want to have sex with my elder sister.

Last week I called her but many times she did not take my call. Then I called from another number and talked to her. Then I went to her home, and reqested her to receive my calls. I told her that I liked her and felt good when I meet her and talk to her her. She told that now she will not skip my calls. Yesterday evening I tested and she recceived my calls 

Can some one help me? How do I ask her for sex?

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2 Answers

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Going by your description, your sister has wounded inner due to late marriage and for the last ten years she is living in peace and try to satisfy her husband. She may be having void as she has not given birth to a child and knew it is better not to have now as they are aged. She may not be having good opinion about you as a brother, as you might not have taken necessary steps to marry her at an younger age. At the same time she does not want to disown you as well and take your suggestion as a good advice for her happy life. Now she is happy with her husband and allow her to be happy. Look around, you will get a plenty of women - where you can try to seduce.
answered 6 days ago by solliadi (395 points)
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My personal opinion is Incest sex is bad as it can cause many problems. Specially brother sister involvement.
Now looking at ur and ur sisters age it looks like that u lived ur life well so no more future troubles if u both have sex.
Ur narration is bit confused one. How is ur sister gets agreed to watch porn with u. And many questions.
Then the question of hour. How to approach her. Well u need to check many things. Like is she interested in sex in her 50. What her tastes and all. If she lost interest in sex then matter close for u.
answered 6 days ago by Harsh.03 (330 points)
commented 4 days ago by Menir12 (120 points)
thanks  Harsh for ur answer. To answer to ur question that why did my sis watched porn with me. As informed I started sex conversation with her as she did not have kids .I told her that she can watch sex positions on my laptop. This will help her to have good sex with her hubby. In short it was for learning different sex ideas or position.if u have any other questions plz do write me.

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