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My Niece presses her boobs against me. Is she telling me something?

asked Aug 2 in Questions by badboypasha (125 points)
edited Aug 2 by longhands1

Dear team,

Seven years ago, my niece was 17 years old. At that time, I had pressed her boobs and rubbed her pussy. She had enjoyed it and even got wet, but complained about it to her grandmother.

Now she is 24 and mature enough. She lives 100 kms away from my home. She often touches me, and presses her boobs against me. She sits on my feet fingers and rubs her pussy secretly. She wears skimpy clothes.

One day, she was on tour with me and other members. She touched my cock very softly, two times when I was standing behind her. She often tells me to visit her home. She also offers me to drink with her.

She likes me and shares almost everything with me.

What does all this mean? Is she sexually interested in me? Should I dare to take a chance again?

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7 Answers

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Best answer

Pasha, What else do you expect? Do you want an invitation with time and date and place like they give for social events or weddings?Obviously she subtly have been giving you the hints you should grab them and should act accrdingly. 

     You have got an alternate and indirect way to ask her too. Just take advantage of her previous complain of your touching to your grandmother . Just tell her casually that you have fears fortaking the things further as now you would not be spared being grown up. 

  Her answer to this will give you very clear insight . And i would suggest you not to move any further until you get blanket clearance from her/ 

  Hope everything would turn out to be fine for you. 

  Do not forget our disclaimer that only you would be responsible for your actions. 

 Just tell us how our advice helped you ! 

answered Aug 2 by prashant69 (6,925 points)
selected Aug 4 by badboypasha
commented Aug 5 by prashant69 (6,925 points)

Pasha, Thanks for selecting my answer as the best answer. Hope it would have helped you !

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100 kms is not far away. Visit her place and do the needful.
answered Aug 2 by solliadi (1,295 points)
commented Aug 2 by badboypasha (125 points)
Dear solliadi
Please answer me in detail as problem is discussed in question.
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She wants to have sex with u...
So go and fuck her hard n satisfy her sexual needs...
Good luck n have hard fucking
answered Aug 3 by Jonika (265 points)
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A boy of 26 shouldn't be so innocent.You should be conversant about female body language.She(24)likes you and shares everything with you.Wears skimpy dress and touches your male organ.What more you want from her.....if you go ahead,you will get full response from her.Obviously she wants you.You have not mentioned what she shares with you....her secrets or her body?Have you ever kissed or embraced her?
answered Aug 3 by Motilal (6,020 points)
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Though that was teenage and now she's in mid-20s but still you can't trust her words, can you ? If she shouts HELP! then best of luck. Trusting a woman is never easy.

Why not tape your conversations or invite her to your place and record it ? Precaution is better than cure, no ?
answered Aug 3 by gr8gaur (1,680 points)
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you sound desperate. and\  desperate people can interpret reality in desperate ways..

Even if your niece is interested, you are the man here, you are the one who needs to make a decision. Why do you want to get into un-necessary complications within relations ?

Can you not get other girls , outside of your immediate family ?
answered Aug 4 by blore.guy (305 points)
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Fuck her buddy ... But be careful this time and ask her directly if possible get it in written or recording
answered Aug 6 by rockstar536 (485 points)

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