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I can't get over my mature maid. What to do?

asked Aug 5 in Questions by Anonymous101 (385 points)
I am 22 years old and my maid is around 50 years old. We both are in physical relationship and love each other emtionally.

Since she is getting old, she is finding it difficult to work. She has already stopped working at other houses but she still comes to my house a few days a month so that we can have sex and share our feelings.

But now she wants to end this relationship. She says that she is going to her village with her family. She says that our relationship won't work for long.

How should I convince her to stay with me? I am ready to marry her if need be.

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5 Answers

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Forgot her . Get a girl friends and enjoy
answered Aug 6 by vrslvrslvrs (195 points)
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Hello dear you are to young, I know it is very difficult to get away from your maid, because now you are full of lust for her, that's why you are not seeing its con sic van for figure, surely in your family nobody will accept your relationship with her, and even society also not accept.
So my advice for you to concentrate for future, and break with her, still if you have problem to forgetting her tha, you can visit to her village for satisfaction.
answered Aug 6 by Lustyraj69 (315 points)
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There is a saying. Barking dogs never bite. She will not go to her village. If she goes look for a new maid. It may turn out be another opportunity.
answered Aug 6 by solliadi (635 points)
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It looks very funny that you aged 22,has aspirations to get married with 50 year old maidservant.This symbolizes true love.Never promise her to build another Taj Mahal.I appreciate your fertile brain.Love your Country and Devote more time to your studies or job.Built your career and serve the society.
answered Aug 6 by Motilal (5,390 points)
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Marry a 50 year old who is 28 years senior and then after the freshness ecmvaporates you'll dump her. Come out of the la la land and apply your brain to get taste of reality. End it and move on.
answered Aug 6 by gr8gaur (1,605 points)

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