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I saw my Mom smooching her dance Teacher. Should I tell dad?

asked Aug 9 in Questions by dan18 (120 points)

I had to pick up my Mom from her dance class. I got done earlier from my work so went there before time. As I reached, I saw mom with her Teacher come down the building holding hands. They then went to a coffee shop opposite the road. They both were sitting in an embrace and many times during their talks smooched for long times.

After that, instead of going to class, they went behind the building which is a deserted lane. Over there, he took off mom's top and bra and was hugging and playing with her.

After 15 minutes of that, they went back to class.

What should I do? Should I tell my Dad or assk her about the what I saw?

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9 Answers

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Before saying anything just confirm...it mey cause problems..in your family..

Look from her side..is your father spending with her or not..she may not sexually satisfied with your father what is your father age..and what is yours mothers age...what about their health status...before  taking any step think all consequmecea..bettter discuss with your mother....
answered Aug 9 by dr kalyan (270 points)
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Instead of telling your father, you discuss with your mother what you saw. You get it clarified first. Whatever you saw with your eyes may not be true.
answered Aug 9 by solliadi (635 points)
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Of course you should tell your dad, she got no right to cheat on him. You too would be cheating on your dad if you don't tell him the truth. Your father is paying for your mother's classes so that she can learn dance not to sleep around with teachers.
answered 6 days ago by gr8gaur (1,605 points)
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It means she is not sexual satisfied so she need another men...
Even if u seduce her u too can fuck her
answered 6 days ago by Jonika (265 points)
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Hi Dan!

Do you stay in India? Narmally in India, women do affairs inside walls, but as you mom is doing it boldly, by going to coffee shop and behind building, she might be in love with the dance teacher.

If you tell this to your dad, this might turn to more complications. Rather speak to her first. Oh, forgot to ask your ages... I hope you are big enough to discuss this issue.

I would tell you one thing, when a woman goes out with someone outside their marriage, their are certainly some serious consideration. So I would suggest to speak to her only and not tell you to your dad.
answered 5 days ago by Rati.Anil (200 points)
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You are just one step away from breaking up your Family.

First approach your Mom and talk to her. Make her understand and promise that she will not repeat it,  then it can save your family.

Else tell your dad straight.
answered 5 days ago by myselfarun (275 points)
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Firstly speak to your mom about matter which you saw between her and your teacher because your mom may not be satisfied by your father she being a middle age lady wants to fulfil her sexual desire and your teacher may provide what she wants

Don't tell your father about this matter it may lead to bigger problems in all of your life Be patient take some time
answered 5 days ago by pavan350 (600 points)
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Dear dan18,

Before complaining to your dad and creating a big tussle, it would be better to discuss the Issue sensitively with your mom. Complaints are not solutions, so I would suggest you be the solution, not a complainant.

Coming to what you saw. Whatever, you saw may be a half truth. May be your mom was doing that due to some pressure.

Answers of all this may lie in confrontation. Confront your mom sensibly. Ask respectfully about that incident, and observe her stand.
answered 5 days ago by arjun.masti1 (110 points)
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Hi Dan what happens now? do u tell ur father? its better u have detailed spying on both of them
answered 5 hours ago by pawan boy (255 points)

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