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I want to fuck my neighbour Boy, but he has 3 Friends staying in same Room.

asked Oct 11 in Questions by kalyank (125 points)
edited Oct 11 by longhands1

I am a 26 year old Lady from the Village, recently moved to Pune city. My husband works here in Pune. We got married 2 years ago. My husband has never been able to satisfy me with his dick. He cums as soon as he enters my vagina. Now, I am fed up of tryingto satisfy myself with banana, fingres, cucumber etc.

So, I want to get fucked by another man or young boy. There is a neighbour Boy who I am thinking of seducing and fucking. But my problem is that this neighbour boy lives with his 3 friends who are sharing the Room with him. I am worried that if I seduce him, he will force me to have sex with his friends also.

 But sometimes the thought of fucking 4 boys at the same time, makes me very wet down there. What should I do? Should I continue to seduce him or find someone else to satisfy me for sex?

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10 Answers

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Best answer

Do you want to risk your married life? Better to satisfy yourself with bananas, cucumber, fingers etc. Even better to teach your husband to fuck well.

Boys in groups are dangerous species to make the relation known to the world. Instead, third option will be to find another man preferably from your village.
answered Oct 12 by solliadi (1,410 points)
selected Oct 17 by kalyank
commented Oct 12 by kalyank (125 points)
I had sex with man from village 3-4 times before village and he always satisfied me. But he refused to came to city. So that i thought this.
commented Oct 14 by pune32 (275 points)
You should not go for threesome or sex with 4 people, You should make new friends in your city and make sure that the person s genuine and will not misuse you or blackmail you for any advances.

Then only go in bed with him.

First you be friendly with the guy, chat / talk to him to try to know him better. Then meet him personally and if you think he is a gentleman, and you can trust him, then only go ahead.

Be clear on your expectations in future. You and he both should  not force these things on each other. Sex is something that should be done with mutual understanding and not be forced on anyone.
commented Oct 17 by solliadi (1,410 points)
Thanks for selecting my answer as the best one.
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Hi kalyank,

I think I can understand your feelings. Even I was in that state a while ago. Just remember you having sex to satisfy your lust and desires is not at all a bad thing. Your at your prime age.

I would say try to seduce that one guy. Invite him and spend time. Since, sometimes the thought of having sex with 4 guys is making you get wet, I would suggest you to go ahead and do it.

Trust me it is heavenly experience and you won't get that opportunity again. But that decision is up to you. If you do not want to have sex with 4 guys then stay strong with your decision.

I am sure everything will work out just fine.
answered Oct 11 by sadha (305 points)
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You are hungry now and I think you must realise the situation and you better judge the boy. If he is a normal gentle guy then no issue with making a move. Wait and watch let him have some space to become friendly with you and watch his behavior carefully.

I hope you don't have to ask for direct fuck offers. How you will proceed matters. If you feel he will keep secret your personal life, then you can do anything as per your own choice. I think it's not a tough task to judge  him.

Second part you become more wet to imagine foursome then choice is your. But foursome is risky better to use single boy.

Good luck
answered Oct 12 by kingmyaqueen (1,755 points)
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First consult Doctor for your husband.Curb your sex desire.Everything will become OK in due course of time.If no ray of hope is visible then go ahead and enjoy all the four boys.Avoid sex with all of them in a single day.Do this and chalk out a fixed routine.Use fresh and different variety of Condoms.Enjoy each boy once in a week.
answered Oct 12 by Motilal (6,210 points)
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If you are looking for a permanent solution then he is not the solution but for the time being if you want to experience the sex with him then you have a chance. First target one boy which you selected to have sex and then ask him to bring his friends if they want to have sex with you and I am sure they will happily agreed to have sex with you and you can have sex with all the boys at the same time and they will serve you with their penises. Make sure that your husband would not come to know about it otherwise your marriage can be spoiled.
answered Oct 12 by alpesh kapdi (22,120 points)
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It is bad idea. And your fear that boy may force you to have sex with his friend is also correct.

Tell your husband that your sexually unsatisfied so he can work on it. Give him some time. It is your lust only and don't let it ruin your life for some temporary pleasure.
answered Oct 12 by Harsh.03 (510 points)
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I suggest you give more time to foreplay with your Husband. Ask him to do oral sex on you to satisfy  you.

If he finishes in a minute, make him ready for second round  by kissing all over his body and ask him to do the same with you. Ask him to kiss you on the entire body, boobs, back, neck, hips between your thighs and to lick your pussy.

This will give you lots of pleasure and make him ready for second  round. When he fucks you try women on top and doggy style and keep changing  positions. As per my experience  doggy position and women on top, he can ride for more time, at least for more than 20 minute.

Try different wild things.

Hope this helps you both.

happy  fucking n enjoy
answered Oct 12 by pune32 (275 points)
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Take one step at a time even if you have the desire to fuck all of them. Try to focus on one. Give smiles every time you see the other guys.

Then slowly try to bend down and expose your body in front of him. Try to use phone whenever they are in the Balcony. They will surely try to contact you after all this.

Hope I helped you.
answered Oct 12 by myselfarun (760 points)
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It seems you have made up your mind. Your Comments, which tell us that you had an extra marital affair in your village, confirms that you are unsatisfied with your husband and seek greener pastures.

If it just sex that you crave, then the young neighbor boy may not be such a good idea. He would be inexperienced in sex and you may have to spend considerable time holding his hand (I mean dick) and teaching him what you want.

Since these boys stay together, it is definitely possible that they will have no secrets, but if you are willing to experiment what an orgy is then, you can definitely give it a try.

On the one hand you are worried that this boy will blackmail you into having sex with his friends and on the other hand, that is what you secretly desire. Having sex with a group can become an addiction and once you taste it, it is difficult to do without.

The advantage of having sex with a young boy is that he will be your slave and will be willing to please you in all respects.

How do you plan to keep this a secret from your husband. Be aware that at some stage he will know, and then you should be willing to face the consequences.
answered Oct 13 by longhands1 (73,065 points)
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Better to avoid all 4 together. Seduce only one, you like the most. Unless they are mindless or goons thy will not force you to have sex with all 4.

Concentrate only on one. Allow only one to enter your bedroom. All 4 together will increase social risk.
answered Oct 16 by SamRin (715 points)

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