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I masturbate daily only once but feel very weak after that. Why?

asked 5 days ago in Questions by raki7254 (120 points)
edited 4 days ago by longhands1

Hi everyone!!

I am 24 years old and unmarried. I masturbate once a day but feel weak afterwards. I feel very sleepy and unable to do my work. Even if want to stop it, I cannot. I hardly manage to stop for 1 or 2 days only.

Is masturbating everyday cause my body to lose energy? Does everyone face this problem?

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8 Answers

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It is not the masturbation that makes you feel weak, but the guilt that goes with it. If you were married, you could be having sex many times in a day and for many day, yet you will not feel weak, but on the contrary, you would feel it is not masturbation that makes you feel weak.

But masturbation daily is not good, as it shows that you have become addicted to the habit. Any habit (like drinking liquor, smoking, drugs etc) is bad as you become a slave to it. You will stop socializing and meeting friends or doing some physical exercises like taking a stroll in the park or playing some physical games.

We have spoken on this Topic numerous times and also given solutions. You can search for the Topics. Type Masturbation addiction in the Start searching Box (which is on top right hand side) and you will get many Answers and Topics.
answered 5 days ago by longhands1 (71,435 points)
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Masturbate does not cause your body to lose the energy but you feel relaxed and sleepy which may get you feel that you have lost your energy which is quite normal and all the men do face these feelings so you are not alone.

However, you should not masturbate daily as that is not good frequency but you can masturbate 2-3 times a week and you would be fine. It is not an easy job to stop masturbating daily but if you control yourself then you can achieve it. Self-control is the only way to control your masturbation habit.
answered 5 days ago by alpesh kapdi (21,850 points)
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Everybody do masturbation at this age.It is a healthy exercise within a prescribed limit.You are indulged in excessive masturbation.Your guilty consciousness is biting you.Therefore,you are feeling weak.Take nutritious food and masturbate 1-2 times per week. Follow my formula:maximum twice in a week. I followed this rule strictly.
answered 4 days ago by Motilal (6,015 points)
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If you are feeling week, declare a masturbation holiday for a week. It is fultile to perform anything which you are not enjoying. Review after a week and try to postpone it if possible.
answered 4 days ago by solliadi (1,290 points)
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Masturbation doesn't cause you weakness. It gives you pleasure without any risk of having any problems.

I think you are facing a different problem which you unaware of and you think its because of masturbation.
So consult a doctor if you think  its increasing.
answered 3 days ago by pavan350 (740 points)
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Maybe you can try and masturbate before sleep, when still is early so you can have a deep and peaceful night.

Or try on the weekends when you don't have any work.
answered 3 days ago by ana (305 points)
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Its normal nothing to worry here.
Just have proper diet and doing masturbation saily will not harm you.  Its just the body that get rekaxed and thats good.
answered 3 days ago by myselfarun (670 points)
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Masturbation doesn't make you weak.its makes only makes to feel relaxed.then you may get doubts like , why men sleep after sex? But it's a different level.but I suggest you to have a nutritious food loke milk, almonds,bananna and also do some can also run.control your masturbation habbit.anything which is excessive is not at all good.hope this helps.

Thanking you
answered 1 day ago by Coolcracker420 (635 points)

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