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Is my Niece ripe for some action and sex?

asked Dec 21, 2017 in Questions by rohit shukla (130 points)
edited Dec 23, 2017 by longhands1

I am Rohit and I am 20 years old. My niece is in her early teens, but she is so well developed that she looks like a 17 or 18 year old girl. Her boobs are way bigger than the girls of her age. She is healthy too.

There were 2 incidents which are really disturbing me:

1. When she was 11 years old, she and I travelled by train with our family. At night initially she was playing with her younger sister, then she came to my berth which was on top, and slept beside me. At that time her breasts were growing. At midnight, I woke up and saw her lips which weere very near mine and her breasts were heaving up and down, because of her breath.

I was excited and with some fear, I touched it from the outside wth my fingers. She didn't react so I held one of her breast and squeezed it a little. She was awake but pretending to sleep. Then I inserted my hand inside her Tee shirt and felt her boobs. They were so soft like cotton. I pressed and rubbed her pussy also from the outside of her panty.

I saw her open her eyes. I was scared and due to fear, I turned and slept in the opposite side of her. After a few minutes, she put her leg on my waist and started rubbing her pussy on my backside. I got her signal and turned towards her. I played with her pussy lips from outside the panty and then slowly inserted my fingerr in her pussy. Herr pussy was wet and my whole finger went in. (I had small fingers then). I did this 5 - 6 times. She moaned a little.

Then suddenly, she woke up and wanted to go down to drink water. But I told her not to go down and I gave her water to drink. When she had drunk it, I again directly lay besides her and started fingering her pussy again. At last, I couldn't control myself and rubbed my penis on her pussy over her panty. She also pushed herself towards my cock to feel more....

2- This second incident happened a year after the first incident. She came to my house. We spoke normally. Whenever, I slept she slept beside me and sometimes I pressed her boobs too. One day, I was sitting in my room and asked my niece to sit beside me. I insisted a lot, but she denied straightaway. Then I closed my room door. She then slept on my bed and I also slept or pretended to sleep. After 2 minutes, I touched her cheeks, hairs and then  breast. I pressed it very well and tightly. She was completely awake. But at that moment, my mom knocked on the door. She jumped over my bed and moved out quickly............

Now guys tell me what to do? Does she also want sex from me? I really want to fuck her. She is very healthy and heavy in weight and she used to watch sexual things on Youtube.

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6 Answers

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Best answer
Go for it bro. She has sexual urge; if she is pretty marry her also. Ask her to suck your dick.
answered Dec 23, 2017 by Tanzeel (225 points)
edited Dec 26, 2017 by longhands1
commented Dec 23, 2017 by rohit shukla (130 points)
Are you sure bro? Can she bear my dick,as she is in her early teens.
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My best advise is to proceed with caution she is giving you green signal you can have sex any time you want but as she is niece try to play safe as so that you can be blamed because things can go horrible if someone find out.
answered Dec 24, 2017 by myselfarun (895 points)
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Bed her and be prepared to go to jail.  Sex with a minor even if its mutual is an offence. Wait for her to turn 18 or else your just might land you in a soup.
answered Dec 24, 2017 by gr8gaur (1,810 points)
commented Dec 25, 2017 by rohit shukla (130 points)
I know brother, its completely a big crime, but she is making me mad, she finds chances to sleep beside me, she closes the door whenever we are lone in the room.

Try to understand. I am also a human being and virgin too, so how long can I control, so i am just just asking whether she really wants sex from me or what her intention are?

I also know very well its impossible to fuck her in future.
commented Dec 25, 2017 by gr8gaur (1,810 points)
Then carry on with her antics and see how far it goes.  Limit yourself to subtle touches and stare her like those sensual looks. Start with a kiss on cheeks and then lips to see how she reacts and gauge her comfort level.

BTW why is it impossible to fuck her in future?
commented Dec 25, 2017 by rohit shukla (130 points)
Because, I am a virgin now. A few months later or after 1 year, I may not be a virgin, then I will not have lust on her.

Also she may have her bf at the age of 17 18 years and have sex with him. Since she is my own niece, its difficult to fuck her, as my inner soul will never allow me this at all.
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Let me give you some Advice, that you may not like to read. From the Answers chosen by you, as the Best, it is obvious that you chose the Answer which tells you the fuck the little girl.

But, let me warn you, that having sex with a Minor, can get you into all sorts of problems, main one is that you could be cooling your engorged dick in police lock-up. Be rest assured that when it is known to the Family, the same girl, will tell everyone that you had sex with her by compulsion, which means rape.

The girl is just a child and is not aware of the consequences of having sex, which we hope is not the case with you. The human body responds to erotic touches and so her body responds too. She likes the fingering and boob presses as children want to explore sexual feelings.

The point here is that it matters little, that she is your niece, what matters is that she is underage, and your justification that there was mutual consent, does not hold good in a court of Law. Read Court judgments that have come a few days back.

Stop wearing blinkers over your eyes. That she will have a Boyfriend who will fuck her in a few years and so you would lose the chance of taking her virginity is a nonsense argument. Find a girlfriend of your age, who understands what sex is, if you want to lose your virginity. It could come with an attached price tag of marriage.

Till that timeā€¦..just masturbate.
answered Dec 26, 2017 by longhands1 (75,160 points)
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Just go ahead and enjoy every possible thing with her but do not fuck her. It may create some complications. In any case there are so many things you can do like making her suck your cock, licking her pussy, sucking her breasts etc.

You will never get such well developed young girl to enjoy.

So carry on.....
answered Dec 26, 2017 by pklalgarh (150 points)
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This is adolescent sexual inquisitiveness arousing her sexuality. The same has already happened to you earlier, I am sure. Since your first encounter with her on the train, this has further increased her sexuality.

Since you two are willing to go on, continue playing with her and let her play with you. Don't rush for intercourse. Feel her pussy - stroke her clit, massage her pussy lips and let her touch and hold your penis to play. At the sane time kiss her, hug her tight and fondle her boobs - she will get to love these with you.

At one stage she will be too aroused and will ask for more of sex and intercourse.
answered 5 days ago by zena69 (1,755 points)
commented 1 day ago by rohit shukla (130 points)
But the problem is,she doesn't talk seriously whenever i ask for kiss,she just remain silent whenever i press her boobs,but didn't say anything,I really want to taste her tight pussy,but I don't know how?

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