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Announcement: Change of Servers

asked 3 days ago in Articles by longhands1 (74,955 points)

Due to change of Servers, some matter/data has been lost.

If your Question/Comment/Answer/PM has not been posted, please repeat it.

If your Points have disappeared or your Profile affected, please send me a PM.

Kindly bear with us.



commented 3 days ago by Raj Handsome (950 points)
Ohhh...So that was issue. Got it now why my comments got deleted.
Thanks for clarifying.
commented 3 days ago by Motilal (6,415 points)
I have also observed some anomalies like points decreased,answer converted into comments and comments missing etc.
commented 3 days ago by longhands1 (74,955 points)

Your Answers were changed to Comments by me, because they were meaningless and hurtful to the Users concerned. You are here to give Advice and not to throw mud and insult the User.

Some of the Users have complained to me and some have replied to you in their Comments.

It is noticed that you rush to answer a question, even without studying the question properly, you only repeat what is asked and you do not do any research on the subject.

When an Answer is converted to a Comment, the points are reduced.

Trust this explains your doubts.

commented 2 days ago by Motilal (6,415 points)
Thanks for your observations.It appears that I have become a burden for learned members in this forum.I regret for the inconvenience caused to them.I participate here keeping the Olympic motto in mind.I am neither sexologist nor an expert in this line.I taught Chemistry through out my life.
commented 21 hours ago by whyiloveher2 (455 points)
I also observed for one of my answers.It appeared and then disappeared for no reason.Same thing happened with PM.Now got the reason.

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