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10 Funny Pictures of Taking Revenge on your Cheated ones

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I hope you all liked this weeks interesting picture article smiley


Love you all

- Anjali M


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asked Oct 2, 2011 in Articles by Anjali (8,275 points)
closed Feb 12, 2012 by Anjali
ha ha ha very funny post more
but hows it related to sex education forum anjali aunty ??
Its a great collection.  I loved the collection, but what I loved most is Anjali M. is there.  I was missing her.
Oye I too missed you all :)
Dear manan,

Welcome AskAnjali.com , I dont keep boring visitors by just posting Articles related to Sex but I also post some funny pictures which can you make you all laugh to the core :)
Pussycat you need to wait for next sunday to post more interesting pics :)
Nice collection yar. Thanks
I too have some funny, very funny collection. How to share it?
hm, good pics
how can i share some funny photos
nice pics......really  its d height of revenge
Ha ha ha ha ha ha these are so funny
very nice collection anjali mam......wao
oh ho ho ,,,,,wow ,,,gr8
hard working
nice one. Funny post. :)

Hahaha superb ;)