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How to stimulate Gspot using penis?

0 votes
asked Oct 17, 2011 in Questions by Chef Prasad (325 points)
M 25 yrs old single but having Gf with whom i m commited. Planning to marry her later next year. If i want to stimulate her G spot with my penis how much must b my penis size to reach her G spot? My dick size is 4 inches when falccid state n 5.5 inches in erected state. Also tell me wich position shall i use to stimulate her G spot?
commented Oct 22, 2011 by pussycat (3,855 points)
better take her G spot out of her pussy and rub it with your pussy when she become horny put it back and fuck her

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3 Answers

0 votes
Doggie Style is the best position to hit G-Spot...
answered Oct 17, 2011 by vishagr18 (575 points)
0 votes
from my POV first find the G-Spot using your finger. You can,t hit the g-spot if you don't know where is it. Using finger will help you to find the g-spot & also for female partner she must know what is g-spot & what is its pleasure. Once she knew it ask her in which position she can feel you are simulating her g-spot.
Normally doggie style & cowgirl positions are best for simulating g-spot.
answered Oct 17, 2011 by ronnie (810 points)
0 votes
Your 5.5 inch is good enough to stimulate her G-Spot. If you have around 3.5 inch, that also is okay as the position and dick shape is important.
Look at your dick, there is a soft head and a hard shaft. Where it is connected, the head is a bit uprised on the top. Its for giving some special feel to her. Thats God's engineering, don't challenge his skill.
Now the G-Spot is located on the upper wall of a pussy. Meaning, if you are on missionary, you don't have to worry at all. just go slow with the rhythm.
Even if you are on side ways or doggy position, dont just go fast, go in moderate speed, she will feel much better.
If you have a penis curved upward, go for missionary, if you have downward curve, go for rear entry.
Simple, right? Just enjoy, man.
answered Oct 22, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)

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