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i want to show my wife revealing pics to strangers.........how can i do it?

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i want to show my wife...revealing pics.....to strangers.....and also want to show her body to others...show that other....masturbate...for her...and cum on her body...ohh ..very horny feeling for me....how can i do it....?
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asked Dec 12, 2012 in Questions by hotty99941 (135 points)
closed Dec 20, 2012 by Invincible

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there are many webcam sites available...one of them is xxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxx

Please elaborate your answer.

And don't provide any web link .

Thanks for your comprehension
hmmm i don't think this is wrong. join some sex websites and post ur wife's photos there. but hide her face......! :)

9 Answers

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Well this is not good at all and this is kind of disrespect to woman integrity and you really have such a strange thought and i really wonder what can happen if your wife will got to know about it? Woman loves to get admire and have attention but not in that way, certainly not
answered Dec 12, 2012 by divya.elegance (1,365 points)
but i think women also wants ........to get admire by showing their assest.......isnt it ??.....
+1 vote
Hello hotty99941,

This is a site where you can take advice for real issues not discuss some fantasy that you read on ISS.

In my opinion, you need to go and get yourself checked from a psychiatrist. Who on earth will want to share her wife with strangers.

If you still want to show nude pics of your wife to someone then first discuss it with your wife. If she agrees then you can ask here for mail IDs, I am sure you will get a lot of mail IDs who will be ready to see your wife's nude pics.
answered Dec 12, 2012 by baljeetsb (725 points)
i hv shared some of her pics to a stranger.........he....enjoyed saying dirty things......n cum on her pics......n mail me pics.......i enjoyed alot.......without telling my wife.........can i do this??????/
In my opinion you should not do this but it is your life and your wife. So you can do anything you want.

Yell here for more ids and you will get some here
+1 vote
Being a psychology student  , id like to breakdown your problem , first of all , marraige is a sacred bond , well im sure u dint know about it , it means youve got to hav mutual respect for each other in terms of social and physical norms , showing your wife's nude pics to utter stranger is a voilation of the marraige ,     you need to stop this soon as your not only corrupting other peoples mind, but your also provoking their lustful desires...   im damm sure you wouldnt like them asking you permision to have sex with your wife ? Would u ???     ?...... so stop this stupidity , there are other ways too how you could have your wife feel desirable ....   which you could do it yourself !!
answered Dec 12, 2012 by aldrin (186 points)
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We all have fantasies. Problem is when you want to put those fantasies into action. What can start of as fun, can end in something very unpleasant. Have you thought about being blackmailed? What if those pictures are circulated among your family or in the office? 

Dont presume that your secret will always remain a secret. Even if you eraae the pictures from your PC or laptop, chances are they are still in memory and can be retrieved by a professional, whenn you repair your camera or electronic device.

When you are in bed alone with her, you can fantasize to your heart's content. Do that if it really makes you feel horny. But keep it at that. There are even greater problems with sharing your partner for a threesome or groupsex, but we will leave that topic for another day. 

answered Dec 12, 2012 by longhands1 (22,309 points)
i hv shared some of her pics to a stranger.........he....enjoyed saying dirty things......n cum on her pics......n mail me pics.......i enjoyed alot.......without telling my wife.........can i do this??????/
+1 vote
As long as u dont want to be cuckold its ok to show ur wifes nude pics to others!but ask her if she too hv some exhibitionist streak in her if she does have one then it wud b win win to both of you guys ! I think this fantsy of yours is lot better than some werid fantsies people have like to hv sex with their mothers,sisters and cuckolding so proceed cautiously and you can upload it on net too u will get many filthy comments to enjoy too!but please behave yourself dont get driven too far! actualy it seems that u consider ur wife as your proud possession and you want to show it off to others what ONLY you have got! good luck!
answered Dec 12, 2012 by prashant69 (4,013 points)
edited Dec 12, 2012 by prashant69
i hv shared some of her pics to a stranger.........he....enjoyed saying dirty things......n cum on her pics......n mail me pics.......i enjoyed alot.......without telling my wife.........can i do this??????/
+1 vote
well you are somewhat of an exhibitionist who gets off on other people hitting on your wife, its not a good thing and as lonhands said u have chance of being blackmailed.
if really wan to spice things up with your wife , try role play , create a scene from your fantasy and act it out , having fantasies doesnt always mean you have to break bonds of marriage or spoil a relationship , just look at alternate ways to get satisfied
answered Dec 12, 2012 by parik89 (2,348 points)
+1 vote
The one to whom you want to click nude is your wife if you would have said that you want to click.her nude and want to show her or want to keep it with you...
Then i would have said its your fantasy....
As it would be between you both and omight that make your wife horny too as if you also click yourself nude with her but want to show to strangers is totally over my head as a bouncer
1.She is your wife who love you respect you a lot if she would come to know about all this she will really get hurt
2.Your these thoughts can spoil your married life might at the moment you feel horny to have thought like this as you are thinking only about hand job ..can you bear it if they want to sex with your wife..I dont think so
3.Your reputation in society will be at stake more than yours your wife will not be able to face society rather than this i must say will not able to face herself nor you will be able to do so
4.Stop reading those stupid articles from where you are getting these cheap ideas
5.Last but not least go and consult a pshycologist as soon as possible you really need a pshycologist for you
Dont spoil your married life your reputation your future your kids future if you have..and most important please do not dishonor a lady who love you most and think you as best husband so just move on of this thought and as i said stop reading these kind of cheap articles which bring such thought in your mind...
Good Luck as its your decision can give you opinion only act or not your decision
answered Dec 13, 2012 by Sandyhima (612 points)
realli helpful.......answer sandy hima ......thxx
send me her pic at xxxxxxxxxx.
Singhforaj you are not allowed to post your contact info here. Thats aganist the rule of the forum.
Well hope you got what m trying to convey hotty again sasying dont spoil your married life
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   Hey, its really hurting.... why don't you have respect for your wife, why are you ruining her life for your fantasy ???? don't act like an asshole, be responsible, you are her husband, you should be protection her from the strangers, rather your spoiling her.....

  Have you thought of how would she feel when she comes to know about it ???? you will ruin your life... don't act like a maniac, be a responsible persons and PLEASE STOP DOING THIS !!!!!!
answered Dec 13, 2012 by Sunita Aunty (165 points)
0 votes
well we all have fantasys...... even i have too bt same opposites as your u want to show to others  and i want to see of others ........ plz feel free to show all dat gorgeous parts of ur wife ....... it vl b pleasure
answered Dec 14, 2012 by boobslover (105 points)
It is very stupid thought of you.  whenever u have this thoughts, just jerk off, you will relieved with the thoughts